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Customer Testimonials

“We received a request from a corporate client to provide our compliance training in Spanish. Since our editorial standards and quality controls are very high, we needed to find a translation company that would be able to deliver the quality we needed within a short amount of time. Talk International did that for us. They impressed us with their professionalism and expertise, and their service has been exceptional. We expect to use and recommend them for many years to come.”
-Maryanne B.
“I wanted to let you know how pleased we were with the outstanding translation and interpretation services your company provided to this law firm. We also thank you for working with us on a very tight deadline and going the extra mile to ensure the project's successful completion. We've received spotty service from other companies in the past, so receiving top notch services from your company was particularly refreshing.”
-Chris L.
"Our agency works with a very diverse population. Over 70 percent of our clients do not speak English as their primary language. Because we deal with federal and state run public assistance programs that are very difficult to interpret even in English, I have found the Language Studio interpreters to be very patient and accurate. They know how to get our messages across to our clients in a way that they can understand. Many interpreters have gone the extra mile for me, in that, they were able to discern if a client was illiterate and asked my permission if they could break the language down in simplified terms. This added service has been a tremendous help for me and helps me to make critical decisions concerning a client's case.

"I am very thankful for this organization and would recommend them to any company or organization that needs any type of translation services whether written or verbal."
-Judge D. T.
"My experience working with Translation Services from Language Studio has been fantastic. We work on very short deadlines and any delays can be catastrophic for us. Language Studio representative always responds quickly and all of our requested projects have come back on time or early."
-Kathy J.
"My experience with Language Studio translation services has been outstanding from day one. I have been using their services for over a year to translate medical documents for patient manuals; each job was done quickly and efficiently, every time. The quality each translation has also been exceptional, and I would personally recommend Language Studio to other businesses that handle health care corporations and work with international vendors."
-Kim S.
"I am very happy with the translation service Language Studio did for me. It was a very accurate translation from Croatian to English, and they did it within the time frame as agreed upon. I give them the highest degree indeed."

-Vadislav K.